“Hard work, dedication to our clients, and honest dealing will result in what we value most: the trust, loyalty and respect of our clients, landowners, technical consultants, investors and regulators.”
– Excerpt from EBX Core Values

Unparalleled Mitigation Experience & Expertise

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EBX is the most trusted source for ecosystem mitigation credits covering wetlands, streams, endangered species, and nutrient reduction. Founded at the advent of the mitigation banking industry, EBX has a level of expertise and experience which is only earned over many years:

  • Solely focused on developing mitigation projects since 1997
  • Over 300 conservation easements closed
  • 90+ ecosystem restoration projects
  • 41 permitted mitigation banks
  • 100% success rate on close out of projects, with 50 project sites completed
  • Over 50% of the projects in the EBX portfolio have been successfully closed out
  • Two past presidents of the National Mitigation Banking Association (NMBA) on the EBX staff
  • Leaders in shaping policy relating to the recent federal mitigation regulations and guidance on conservation banking and nutrient offsets
  • Access to capital with a unique understanding of the financial considerations associated with mitigation projects

If you are looking for a company with in-depth experience and expertise in ecosystem mitigation, and want to work with the best professionals in the business, give us a call.